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  • Shahzad Sharif Mughal
Shahzad Sharif Mughal
Department of chemistry, Lahore Garrison University


Nanoscale materials that are found in many kinds at nano scale stage. Nanoparticles are vast class of material that contain small discrete mass of matter which have one particular range from 1-100nm. Nanoparticles are zero dimension, two dimensions and three dimensions etc. There are broad class of Nanoparticles which is used in disease diagnosis and treatment. Nanoparticles collaborated with the drug and increase the effectiveness of the target object. Surface of nanoparticles is modified with many agents and used in different disease. One of best purpose of nanoparticles is in drug delivery. Nanoparticles are not effective in human diseases but also helpful in plant disease. Different nanodevices like nanowires and cantilevers are very effective for gastrointestinal diseases. Specialists at Osaka University have joined nanopore sensors with man-made brainpower methods and showed that they can recognize single infection particles. This technique may give fast, purpose of utilization, ID of infections. A strategy for recognizing malignancy cells in the circulation system is being created utilizing nanoparticles called NanoFlares. The NanoFlares are structured tie to hereditary focuses in disease cells, and create light when that specific hereditary objective is found. Nanoparticles uses in different methods like MRI increased its efficiency for imaging. Many of imaging techniques like ultrasound imaging (USI), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and optical imaging (OI) ultrasound imaging (USI) for study of inside and outside study of human beings and others. There are different types of nanoparticles used in these techniques which help in vivo and vitro study. For treatment purpose, DNA vaccine coated SiO2 (LDH) nanoparticles induced antibody is used mostly. For this, nano spray recently discovered that picks up the insects. So, role of nanoparticles is effective.