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Three Dimensional Transperineal Ultrasound Modeled Personalized Pessary Manufacturing Using 3D Printing Technology
  • Serdar Aydın,
  • Mert Yaşlı
Serdar Aydın
Koc Universitesi

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mert Yaşlı
Koç University
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Unsuccessful pessary fitting is the most common reason for discontinuation of pelvic organ prolapse treatment by causing discomfort, dislodge, erosion and infection. Commercial vaginal pessaries are produced in standardized sizes, and they do not fit in or be effective in some patients who do not have the match for a specific size. The personalized pessary was produced from the biocompatible, flexible thermoplastic polyurethane filament from 3D printer with the aid of genital hiatus measurements obtained with 3D transperineal ultrasound. We present the steps of design, manufacturing and successful middle-term use of a personalized 3D--printed thermoplastic polyurethane pessary