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How long is the appropriate duration to determine that the hormone therapy is ineffective in menopause?
  • Katsuhiro Toda
Katsuhiro Toda
Hiroshima Clinic

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As a general rule in pharmacotherapy, ineffective pharmacological treatment should be discontinued. Ineffective pharmacotherapy should not be administered for a long time. The first problem is the appropriate duration to determine that the pharmacological treatment is ineffective. The second problem is the criterion for determining the efficacy (or ineffectiveness) of the pharmacological treatment. As far as I know, there is no evidence regarding the duration. Nevertheless, it is necessary to determine the duration. Standards by academic organizations are necessary, even provisional standards are acceptable. Long-term administration of ineffective medicine causes the problem of adverse effects. It loses the opportunity to receive effective treatment. In case that HT is ineffective for menopause, the treatment of fibromyalgia may relieve symptoms of menopause. Patients do not get medical attention for the improvement of abnormal hormone levels but do for the improvement of subjective symptoms such as widespread pain, numbness, insomnia, and fatigue. Some people are almost asymptomatic even if their hormone levels are abnormal. I believe that the efficacy (or ineffectiveness) should be determined with the improvement of the above-mentioned subjective symptoms rather than the improvement of the abnormal hormone levels.