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On Locality and Availability of [14, 4, 7] Linear Binary Block Code
  • Peter Farkaš
Peter Farkaš
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The primary application of codes with locality and availability in distributed storage is for data recovery in case that data are lost on some damaged servers. Locality enables the recovery of lost data by contacting only a restricted number of remaining servers. Availability means that more than one subset of servers providing locality is available for data recovery for each server. The secondary application of these codes in distributed storage is to allow access to hot data in times of high demand. In this paper it is shown that the binary linear [14, 4, 7] code has locality 2 and availability 6 and it can be interpreted as a three-dimensional graph obtained from a [7, 3, 4] Simplex code. It is achieving upper bounds on basic parameters for codes with all-symbols locality and availability. This code can be a building element of more complex codes with scalability inspired by three-dimensional structures. The availability spectrum is introduced as a tool for analyzing codes with locality and availability.