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Designing Economic Evaluations Alongside Clinical Trials in Maternal Healthcare: A Pragmatic Guide
  • Emily Callander,
  • Hema Mistry,
  • Debra Bick
Emily Callander
Monash University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hema Mistry
University of Warwick
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Debra Bick
University of Warwick
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Economic evaluations are increasing being conducted in the maternity setting, with many randomised controlled trials conducted with a health economic component. A key criticism of economic evaluation in maternity care is a lack of robust data collection and measurement, inconsistencies in methodology and lack of adherence to reporting guidelines. This article provides a guide to the design of economic evaluations alongside clinical trials in maternal health. We cover economic concepts and considerations for the maternity setting and provide examples from the United Kingdom and Australia. We seek to improve the quality, consistency, and transparency of economic evaluations in maternal health.