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A pilot study and short clinical outcome of autologous nucleated cell transplantation in the treatment of vaginal relaxation syndrome patients
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  • Dongmei Wei,
  • Yueyue Chen,
  • Ying Zhou,
  • Xiaoyu Niu
Dongmei Wei
Sichuan University West China Second University Hospital

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yueyue Chen
Sichuan University West China Second University Hospital
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Xiaoyu Niu
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Objective: To preliminarily investigate the efficacy and safety of autologous nucleated cell transplantation (ANCT) for treating Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS) patients. Methods and Samples: Ten married women with vaginal relaxation syndrome were selected from January 2019 to July 2019. All participants were treated via autologous nucleated cell transplantation once a month for three consecutive times, and followed up for 1 month after each treatment. Main Outcome Measures: The degree of vaginal relaxation, the female sexual function index (FSFI), vaginal health index score (VHIS) and subjective symptom improvement scale (PGI-C) were conducted. Results: All the 10 cases successfully completed the ANCT treatment. After ANCT treatment, there were significant improvements in the degree of vaginal relaxation. with the detailed date including (-1.06±0.78, P<0.01) in first time, (-1.30±0.91, P<0.05) in twice time and (-1.5±0.77, P<0.01) three times. Furthermore, the vaginal health index (VHIS) after first treatment (1.63±0.92, P<0.001), twice (4.33±1.51, P<0.001) and three times (3.65±1.77, P< 0.001) were significantly improved. Moreover, the scores of female sexual function index (FSFI) after first treatment (13.50±8.55), twice (18.17 ±6.46) and three times (19.65±6.7) were also substantial variation (P<0.001). According to the subjective symptom improvement score , The study indicates that ANCT can effectively improve the degree of vaginal relaxation, sexual function and vaginal health of patients with VRS, as well as vaginal compactness, wetness, air sensation and vaginal secretions. Conclusion: The novel ANCT method heighten the quality of sexual life may be a better choice for non-surgical treatment of private plastic surgery for VRS patients.