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Post-traumatic growth in thyroid cancer patients after surgery:A qualitative study Key words:thyroid cancer;post-traumatic growth;qualitative research;head and neck cancer;positive psychology
  • Jingyu Meng
Jingyu Meng
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Objective:To gain insight into the real experiences of post-traumatic growth of thyroid cancer patients and to provide reference for optimizing postoperative care measures for thyroid cancer patients.Design: a qualitative study.Methods:Using a phenomenological study method in qualitative research, 15 patients within six months after radical thyroid cancer surgery in our hospital from March to April 2022 were interviewed in a semi-structured manner by purposive sampling, and the data were analyzed using the Colaizzi 7-step method.Results: Two first-level themes were summarized: (1) post-traumatic growth facilitators for thyroid cancer patients (cognitive processing, positive coping strategies, multiple sources of support); and (2) post-traumatic growth experiences for thyroid cancer patients (personal changes, improved relationships).Conclusion: Post-traumatic growth can occur in thyroid cancer patients after surgery, and healthcare professionals should guide patients’ positive psychology and tap into their inner positive potential in order to promote healthy recovery and improve the quality of life of thyroid cancer patients.