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Application Areas of Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Amna Sehar,
  • Huma Kiran
Amna Sehar
Huma Kiran


Wireless sensor technology expands; a growing number of organizations are using it for a wide range of purposes. With the development of network and communication technology, the problem of wiring is solved with WSN into people's life; especially it has wide perception and viability in the area of remote sensing, industrial automation control, and domestic appliance and so on. WSN has good functions of data collection, transmission, and processing. It has many advantages compared to traditional wired network, for example, convenient organizing network, small influence to environment, low power dissipation, low cost, etc. But, they have a number of disadvantages, for example, complexity, large power dissipation, short distance, networking in small scale. In order to satisfy the demand of low power dissipation and low speed among wireless communication devices, a new type of wireless net technology-Zigbee emerges as the times require. ZigBEE technology is new technology that replaces the area of Bluetooth. After introduction of this technology a new meter reading that is based on ZIgbee protocol.ZigBee technology sensor network technology has come to be one of technological elementary essentials of us.