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Cultural Intelligence: Use Case of Haitian Refugee
  • Shafiq Hussain,
  • Paul Maker
Shafiq Hussain

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Paul Maker


After providing the exact background to Haitian migration and its multifaceted vulnerability, this paper argues that diaspora geographies largely explain the location of Haitian refugees and asylum seekers in North America and the French Caribbean. Is. We then explore the relationship between the evolution of immigration coverage and the improvement of recent immigration routes in the direction of South America, where the spread of the multidimensional nature of this immigration paved the way for the legalization of Haitian immigration, particularly But in Brazil. The complementary immigrant characteristics of Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, and Chile have created an entirely new local immigrant machine centered on southeastern and southern Brazil. This emerging South-South migration route is part of a larger Haitian migration machine that connects Latin America with North America and the Caribbean.