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Pale to Pink: Where are we going with the fetomaternal care? A perinatal mortality audit of a tertiary care hospital in coastal Karnataka in India for 2019-2020 By Dr. S. Kanchan (SR), Dr. V. Jatana (JR), Dr. MV Pai (HOD) Dept of OBG, KMC Manipal,
  • Swati Kanchan,
  • Vaishnavi Jatana,
  • Murlaidhar Pai
Swati Kanchan
Kasturba Medical College Manipal

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Vaishnavi Jatana
KMC Manipal
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Murlaidhar Pai
Kasturba Medical College Manipal
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Perinatal Mortality Rate is an important epidemiological indicator of Maternal and Child Health care because of its sensitivity for both maternal and new-born care. To analyse trends of perinatal morbidity and mortality, 4177 deliveries were studied across 18 months in a tertiary care hospital in Karnataka. Fetal growth restriction accounted to more than 50% of the perinatal deaths. Maternal morbidities were associated with up to 40.6% of causes for still birth. Preterm births account to 45.3% of neonatal deaths, sepsis accounting to 20.31%. Early recognition and intervention for these conditions seemed to be the mainstay in improving perinatal outcome.