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The origin of immunity by means of prior infection and vaccination with implications for the origin of species
  • Paul Ola
Paul Ola
Institute of Theoretical Biology and Medicine

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Reality has failed to agree with the expectation that vaccines will solve the COVID-19 problem by preventing onward transmission of the coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2, which followed logical deductions from inflammatory phenomena in which Mechnikov and his contemporaries described immunity as originating from the elimination of pathogens by a system of cells and substances that has since been named the immune system. But upon illustrating the reality in which we are protected from the pathological manifestations that occur in response to the pathogen in immunological phenomena, it was found to be that in which the pathogen does not cause such pathological manifestations through effects that are due to its mere presence but rather through effects that are due to its influence on pathological mechanisms so that immune mechanisms do not protect us from such pathological manifestations by eliminating the pathogen but rather by making asymptomatic hosting of the pathogen possible. And such protection, which occurs in spite of the presence of the pathogen when the conditions from which it originates are present, is obtained by means of infection with the same pathogen through the attenuation of its