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A review on human-induced factors as the threat to biodiversity and associated conservation challenges in and Surrounding Selected National Parks and Churches Forest of Ethiopia
  • Tolera Kuma,
  • Abdi Kitaba
Tolera Kuma
Ambo University College of Natural and Computational Sciences

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Abdi Kitaba
Dambi Dollo University Biology
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Biodiversity refers to a variety of life forms and ecological complexes in which these components are interacting. The impacts of human-induced factors on biodiversity have become a hot issue and globally recognized. Instantaneously, conservation of biodiversity in National Parks of Ethiopia is faced with huge problems nowadays and this work aims to review on effects of human-induced factors as the threats to biodiversity and associated conservation challenges in selected National Parks of Ethiopia. This review paper was prepared based on a comprehensive review of different articles, journals, newspapers, and reports. The selection criterion was following their relevance to the review objectives. The representative for protected areas; namely, Dhati Wolel, Bale Mountain National parks, and Simien Mountain National were intelligently selected for the review based on biodiversity richness and conservation challenges. In conclusion, the biodiversity threats and ecological degradation have become crucial issues in Ethiopia and the pronounced factors which put biodiversity under significant threat came from the human-induced factors. The consequence is loss of biodiversity and climate change. Hence, this review suggested that all the concerned bodies including stakeholders, managers and civil organizations should cooperate on conservation issues and have a common understanding for confronting the current fragmentary biodiversity and ecological challenges.