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An Eight Order Block Multistep Method for solution of Second Order Initial Value Problems
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  • Olusheye Akinfenwa,
  • Ridwanlahi Abdulganiy,
  • Uchenna Irechukwu,
  • Solomon Okunuga
Olusheye Akinfenwa
University of Lagos

Corresponding Author:akinfenwa@unilag.edu.ng

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Ridwanlahi Abdulganiy
University of Lagos Distance Learning Institute
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Uchenna Irechukwu
University of Lagos Faculty of Science
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Solomon Okunuga
University of Lagos Faculty of Science
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An eight order block multistep method (BMM) is put forward for the solution of second order problems of ordinary dierential equations with oscillatory solutions. It uses both polynomial and trigonometric functions as bases in the derivation of the method, to produce three discrete formula which is applied to the second order equation by assembling them into a block method known as Third Derivative Trigonometric Fitted Block Method TDTFBM to generate the approximate solutions. The stability, consistency and convergence properties of the TDTFBM are well discussed. To show the performance, it was demonstrated on some classical problems for its accuracy and efficiency advantages over some known methods in the literature.