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Development of Simplified Hysteresis Model with Strain Hardening and Pinching Effects
  • Abhishek Hazra,
  • Prithwish Das
Abhishek Hazra
Narula Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Prithwish Das
IIEST Shibpur
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Other than most of the existing sophisticated complex hysteresis models, this study provides a simplified degraded and deteriorated hysteresis model which can capture the cycle by cycle progressive damage with greater accuracy due to inelastic reversal loading. The attention to the proposed developed hysteresis model is given to capture the overall behavior of the structure. The effect of post-yielding stiffness and pinching resulting from high shear loads and slippage of longitudinal reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete(R/C) members are considered and incorporated in the proposed developed hysteresis model. Based on the superimposition of curves and a comparison of hysteretic energy dissipation between the simplified developed hysteresis model and the previous model, minor deviations in the prediction of the inelastic cyclic behavior of R/C structural members are observed.