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Quantum Simulation and Dynamics
  • Rajat Kumar Vishwakarma
Rajat Kumar Vishwakarma
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Today Quantum Computers have a wide range of applications, one of the prominent is quantum simulation. Simulations are used for many industrial and research purposes. Here we understand how can we simulate three atoms heisenberg model interaction on three qubits using real NISQ(Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Computing) device 'ibmq_jakarta' first we perform simulation by classical method after that we will go on quantum approach,for 3 qubit simulation its represented by 8×8 matrix. This is because there are 2³ = 8 states in the N =3(N represents number of qubits used) system, if the simulation were 50 particles(N=50) then it would be approx 10¹⁵×10¹⁵! Well beyond the capacity of today's classical computers, but for quantum computers this task will require only 15 qubits.