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Qualitative Study of Methamphetamine Users Perspectives on Drug Subsistence Barriers and Facilitators    
  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Cebo,
  • Mohsen Zarghami,
  • Ransom Richards
Prof. Dr. Daniel Cebo

Corresponding Author:cebodaniel@humanacumen.info

Author Profile
Mohsen Zarghami
Ransom Richards


This study aims to investigate the lives of adult methamphetamine users in Germany. This qualitative research focuses on how people become addicted to methamphetamine, what are the key harmful effects of the substance on various fields of life. The available literature on this topic analysed nine studies on methamphetamine use.Extensive study has been performed to clarify the impact of methamphetamine. A US research on the neurophysiological and compartmental effects of misuse of crystal methamphetamine found these abuses causedamage to brain regions associated with social cognition and could thus contribute to social cognitive disability.Although methamphetamine is a desire for socialization, the findings indicate that chronic use is associated with depression, violence, and social isolation.