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A Metapopulation Model for Cholera with Variable Media Efficacy and Imperfect Vaccine
  • Phoebe Amadi,
  • George Lawi,
  • Job Bonyo
Phoebe Amadi
Maseno University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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George Lawi
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Job Bonyo
Multimedia University of Kenya
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In this paper, a metapopulation model has been developed and analysed to describe the transmission dynamics of cholera between two communities linked by migration, in the presence of imperfect vaccine and a varying media awareness impact. Stability analysis show that the disease free equilibrium is both locally and globally asymptotically stable when the vaccine reproduction number is less than unity. The endemic equilibria have also been shown to be locally asymptotically stable when the vaccine reproduction number is greater than unity. The simulation results show that with an imperfect vaccine and efficient media awareness, cholera transmission is reduced. The transmission rates have also been shown to be nonidentical in the two communities. It is therefore advisable, that health practitioners embrace the use of both vaccination and media awareness when designing and implementing community specific cholera intervention strategies.