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Transition sensitive finite state machine
  • Zikun Zhou,
  • Jia Yuan,
  • Lan Dai
Zikun Zhou
North China University of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jia Yuan
Institute of Microelectronics pf Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Lan Dai
North China University of Technology
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This work proposed a transition sensitive finite state machine – TSFSM using the novel master-slave transition detector for low-power or high-speed applications. To solve the problems of hazard-free requirements and difficult synthesis of the exisiting locally clock finite state machine, TSFSM uses multi-bit XOR gate as the input burst detector and the local clock generator. The measured results show that the proposed implementation reduce the difficulty of its design and synthesis, and it also reduces the the area and power consumption by about 86% and 18.2%.