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A Semi-Empirical correlation for stratified two-phase flow friction factors
  • Pouya Ranjbari,
  • Mohammad Emamzadeh
Pouya Ranjbari
Shahid Beheshti University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mohammad Emamzadeh
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The optimal design of two-phase flow pipes depends on various variables. Pressure drop and liquid hold-up are essential parameters in the appropriate design of pipes. These parameters can be estimated by numerical simulation of pipes. However, the simulation strongly depends on both phase frictions. Frictions are commonly calculated using friction factors, and various empirical correlations have been proposed to calculate friction factors, but most of these correlations are dependent on the experimental conditions. The present study proposes a semi-empirical friction factor model by modifying an existing model in the literature for stratified two-phase flows. Experimental data from various laboratories are taken to validate the interface shear stress, velocity profile and pressure gradient. Compared with previous models, the predicted velocity profiles and shear stresses are in better agreement with the experimental data.