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Modeling of hyperbolic two temperature thermodiffusive circular plate under generalized fractional thermoelasticity
  • Ankit Bajpai,
  • Rajneesh Kumar,
  • Pawan Sharma
Ankit Bajpai
National Institute of Technology Hamirpur

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Rajneesh Kumar
Kurukshetra University Department of Applied Sciences
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Pawan Sharma
National Institute of Technology Hamirpur
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The forced vibrations of thermodiffusive elastic circular plate in the framework of a mathematical model of fractional thermoelastic diffusion employing hyperbolic two-temperature theory with temperature-dependent material properties are studied. Governing equations are simplified by introducing potential functions and solved by applying Laplace \& Hankel transform technique. Mechanical, thermal and mass concentration loads are applied on the boundary surfaces. The expression for field quantities in closed form are obtained analytically. The numerical study is carried out for copper material. The resulting field quantities in the original domain are converted by employing a numerical inversion technique and displayed graphically to present the different physical effects. The significant impacts of hyperbolic two temperature, fractional parameter and temperature dependent properties are observed on temperature fields, stress and chemical potential. Obtained analytical results are validated with existing literature.