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New solitary wave solutions for the perturbed Gerdjikov-Ivanov equation.
  • Hang Li
Hang Li
Tsinghua University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this research, through the calculation of nonlinear algebraic systems by Maple software, the powerful direct truncation method is applied to construct the solutions to a significant nonlinear mathematical physical model in nonlinear optics, namely, the perturbed Gerdjikov-Ivanov equation. We successfully obtain some new solitary wave solutions, including bright, dark, kink soliton and periodic solutions. Furthermore, we discuss the relationships between the types of solutions and the coefficients of the perturbed and non-perturbed terms. To present the physical features of our interesing results, the 2D and 3D shapes of representative solutions are plotted under the appropriate selection of parameter values. The acquired results are of significance to the dynamics of soliton propagation through optical fibers.