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Preparation and developmental protocol for new biofilms process for protection quality, phytochemicals and taste compounds of apple ingredients during storage period through advanced methods as natural resources for future chemical and food industry of green technologies future
  • waseem ahmed
waseem ahmed

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A study was planned to ensure the post-harvest quality of apple during storage periods through natural plant resources instead of using chemicals. Melia azedarach (Dharek) and Azadirachta indica (Neem) is well known as rich resources of bioactive compounds with antioxidants potential, used to maintain the quality of apple fruit and to avoid decay during storage periods. The pure compounds were isolated and used in films with the concentration of (30mg Ditriterpenoids and Secomeliacins films) and applied to apples, were purchased from the local market of Haripur Pakistan. The three main quality enzymes like superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), and proximate (POX,) were measured in stored fruits. Moreover, total phenolic compounds (TPC) and TA found retained during the storage period under (30 mg triterpenoids and Secomeliacins) film treatments. The HPLC-DAD analysis of stored fruits and fresh apple fruits showed the presence of five bioactive compounds with a minor variation for 9 days of storage periods. The phytochemical screening of treated fruits during the storage period showed the eight important bioactive compounds when compared with fresh fruits. It was concluded that new active films were helpful to used (Diterpenoids + Secomeliacins) are effective in maintaining the fruit quality during storage periods. The protocol and development of film’s with their engineering trails of thickness, water vapour permeability measurement in active films are discussed in the relevant section of this article to maintain the postharvest quality of apple fruits during storage periods as films are used in future green technologies in chemicals and food industry.