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Slip flow between co-rotating disks with heat transfer
  • Mustafa Turkyilmazoglu
Mustafa Turkyilmazoglu

Corresponding Author:turkyilm@hotmail.com

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The current research addresses hydrodynamic and thermal solutions of the incompressible fluid flowing through uniformly co-rotating disks of finite radii. The narrow gap between the disks necessitates the consideration of slip flow in the radial direction, rather than the classical no-slip model. Perturbation approach is adopted and full analytical approximations from the Navier-Stokes and energy equations are derived up to the second-order, otherwise numerical effort is required for higher level truncations, owing to the lengthy and complex expressions. In the absence of slip, the momentum solutions are shown to match perfectly with those available in the literature. The convergence of series solutions with slip is then demonstrated through some selection of parameter set. The main conclusion is that slip and Reynolds number lead to reduction in the momentum and thermal layers, with more cooled disk surfa