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High Selective Separation of Heavy Metals in Wastewater by Shear Induced Orderly Dissociation Coupling with Ultrafiltra
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  • han zhou,
  • Yunren Qiu,
  • qiang zhang,
  • yuxin chen
han zhou
Central South University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yunren Qiu
Central South University
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qiang zhang
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yuxin chen
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Heavy metals M (Cr (III), Ni (II), Cu (II), Zn (II)) in nickel plating wastewater were recovered by complexation-ultrafiltration (C-UF) with the complexant PMA. The important factors pH and PMA/M mass ratio (P/M) on metals rejections were investigated, and all rejections could reach to 98% at pH 6.0 and P/M 8. Besides, the shear rate () distribution on the membrane surface was analyzed by CFD revealed that  increased along the radius.The criticl shear rates (c) of PMA-M complexes were calculated to judge the shear stability of different complexes,and c of PMA-Cr, PMA-Ni, PMA-Cu and PMA-Zn complexes were 1.14×105, 1.48×105, 2.07×105 and 1.21×104 s-1 ,respectively. Furthermore, the pairwise separation coefficients of metals were calculated, and the maximum of βZn/Cr, βCr/Ni and βNi/Cu are 95.5, 42.0 and 47.3. The high selective separation of heavy metals and PMA were achieved by shear induced orderly dissociation coupling with ultrafiltration(SIOD-UF).