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Repercussion of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Blue Economy of
  • Rajani Kanta Mishra
Rajani Kanta Mishra

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Blue economy comprises about 4.1% of India’s economy of GDP. At present the GDP has declined to 24%, a matter of concern during a Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, the study would appeal to the readership of the Policy holders, Stakeholders, Local Government, Government of India for considering necessary action plan towards the maintainable utilization of ocean resources and sustainable management of Ocean resources and tourism beneath this blue economy through various awareness programs and measures to develop up to pre pandemic level with vigilance of Covid-19 pandemic. A comprehensive plan by the Indian government to setting up regulatory reform to provide an empowering climate for a sustainable ocean economy (e.g., comprehensive, integrated ocean management) and marine spatial planning (MSP) processes and shift harmful subsidies to more sustainable and equitable uses