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Intuitionistic fuzzy ideals supra topological spaces
  • fadhil Abbas
fadhil Abbas

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In this paper, we present the idea of intuitionistic fuzzy ideals in intuitionistic fuzzy supra topological spaces. Also present the intuitionistic fuzzy S-local function in order to find a new intuitionistic fuzzy supra topologies from original one. Moreover, we introduce a Scompatible intuitionistic fuzzy ideal. Finally, we introduce and study some type of sets in intuitionistic fuzzy ideal supra topological spaces and introduce and study some of continuous functions in intuitionistic fuzzy ideal supra topological space.
31 Mar 2021Published in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL of FUZZY LOGIC and INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS volume 21 issue 1 on pages 93-100. 10.5391/IJFIS.2021.21.1.93