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Retrograde Venography to Navigate an Occluded Subclavian Vein to Achieve CRT Upgrade via His Bundle Pacing
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  • Christopher Pavitt,
  • Vishal Luther,
  • Ahran Arnold,
  • Daniel Keene,
  • Zachary Whinnett,
  • David Lefroy,
  • Mark Tanner
Christopher Pavitt
Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Corresponding Author:christopher.pavitt@nhs.net

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Vishal Luther
Imperial College London
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Ahran Arnold
Imperial College
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Daniel Keene
Imperial College London
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Zachary Whinnett
Imperial College London
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David Lefroy
Imperial college Healthcare
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Mark Tanner
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
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We present a case of pacing-induced cardiomyopathy and an occluded left subclavian vein (SCV). The SCV occlusion was delineated in a retrograde manner from femoral venous access and bypassed through direct puncture of a collateral branch. Cardiac resynchronisation therapy was achieved through His bundle pacing, with subsequent normalisation of LV function.