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A Novel Effective Distance Measure and a Relevant Algorithm for Optimizing the Initial Cluster Centroids of K-means
  • Liu Yang,
  • Ma Shuaifeng ,
  • Du Xinxin
Liu Yang
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ma Shuaifeng
Jingdong Group
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Du Xinxin
Jingdong Group
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The traditional K-means algorithm is very sensitive to the selection of clustering centers and the calculation of distances, so the algorithm easily converges to a locally optimal solution. In addition, the traditional algorithm has slow convergence speed and low clustering accuracy, as well as memory bottleneck problems when processing massive data. Therefore, an improved K-means algorithm is proposed in this paper. In this algorithm, the selection of the initial points in the traditional clustering algorithm is improved first, and then a new global measure, the effective distance measure, is proposed. Its main idea is to calculate the effective distance between two data samples by sparse reconstruction. Finally, on the basis of the MapReduce framework, the efficiency of the algorithm is further improved by adjusting the Hadoop cluster. Based on the real customer data from the JD Mall dataset, this paper introduces the DBI, Rand and other indicators to evaluate the clustering effects of various algorithms. The results show that the proposed algorithm not only has good convergence and accuracy but also achieves better performances than those of other compared algorithms.