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Experience with multicampus hospital management
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  • yu zhang,
  • Wu Shan,
  • Han Zhe,
  • WeiJiang Ye,
  • YIng Zhou,
  • Min Xu,
  • JianPing Wang,
  • Juan Zhang,
  • WenCai Xu,
  • HongBo Chen,
  • HangPing Ge,
  • Shuo Zhang
yu zhang

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Shuo Zhang
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With urbanization and economic development in China, medical needs in urban areas continue to increase, but the building of public hospitals is, however, restricted by available space. As a result, many hospitals have set up multiple campuses, with associated issues such as lack of experience in running a multicampus model, quality standardization, cost control, and culture conflicts. We have four campuses with successful operations. In this paper, we will share our management and operation experiences, which may provide some insights for other hospital managers.