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Nvidia Hopper GPU and Grace CPU Highlights
  • Anne C. Elster,
  • Tor A. Haugdahl
Anne C. Elster

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Tor A. Haugdahl
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At GTC 2022 Nvidia announced a new product family that aims to cover from small enterprise workloads through exascale HPC and trillion-parameter AI models. This column highlights the most interesting features of their new Hopper GPU and Grace CPU computer chips and the Hopper product family. We also discuss some of the history behind Nvidia technologies and their most useful features for computational scientists such as the Hopper DPX dynamic programming  instruction set, increased number of SMs, and FP 8 tensor core availability. Also included are descriptions of the new Hopper Clustered SMs architecture and updated NVSwitch technologies that integrates their new ARM-based Grace CPU. 
01 Mar 2022Published in Computing in Science & Engineering volume 24 issue 2 on pages 95-100. 10.1109/MCSE.2022.3163817