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Liver metastases - an unusual cause of portal hypertension
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  • Rajesh Pandey,
  • Sambhu Khanal,
  • Shashank Neupane,
  • Prasamsa Pudasaini,
  • Sabina Khadka
Rajesh Pandey
Civil Service Hospital

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sambhu Khanal
Lumbini Provincial Hospital
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Shashank Neupane
Shree Birendra Hospital
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Prasamsa Pudasaini
Shree Birendra Hospital
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Sabina Khadka
Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences
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Portal hypertension is a rare complication of liver metastases. We present a case with a history of two months of progressive painless abdominal distension and progressively increasing yellowish discoloration of the eyes. A diagnosis of multiple metastases from breast carcinoma to the liver leading to portal hypertension was made.