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The immunological nature of the pathological effects of SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens
  • Paul Ola
Paul Ola
Institute of Theoretical Biology and Medicine

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The results of the investigation of the exact nature of the mechanisms that ensure the organism's survival in the face of the pathogen's pathological effects reveal those severe co-occurring manifestations that are temporally linked to a pathogen, such as those which appear in COVID-19 patients, to be manifestations of different diseases which are brought about through the same pathway under the influence of different causes which include the pathogen. Since the single pathway through which all of such diseases, which have the same "immunological nature," are brought about must be blocked for the attenuation of the influence of the pathogen to bring about the remission of the disease it causes, such diseases will undergo simultaneous remission when conditions permit immune mechanisms to attenuate the causative influence of the pathogen. And since the pathway must be blocked for the disease the pathogen causes to be cured, severe manifestations that are linked with a pathogen persist despite treatments that reduce pathogen load when conditions do not permit immune mechanisms to attenuate the influence under which any of the diseases in the same "immunological spectrum" as this disease is produced through the pathway, a persistence which we attributed to the pathogen's resistance to treatment. These results throw light on the different immunological phenomena, from those that inspired variolation and vaccination to those remissions that are temporally linked with infection.