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Statement of concern: The current enthusiasm for vitamin D as an aid against Covid-19 poses a risk to many patients. A warning to all doctors and the public 
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  • Dr. Carolina Diamandis,
  • David Seideman,
  • Lucas Smith,
  • Marianne Kaufmann,
  • Olga Ivanova
Dr. Carolina Diamandis

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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David Seideman
Lucas Smith
Marianne Kaufmann
Olga Ivanova


As a result of recommendations from some influencers on vitamin D as a helpful supplement against Covid-19, the number of people taking vitamin D as a regular dietary supplement has increased, as has the amount of the dose taken individually. As a globally active health network, the Lazar Medical Consortium Group (LCG) has access to privacy-protected patient data in more than 25 countries. We searched the records of 14.742 patients worldwide for vitamin D intake on record, onset as well as duration of intake, and symptoms coded according to ICD-10 that were consistent with vitamin D-related hypervitaminosis. The evaluation revealed evidence of a worldwide overuse of vitamin D so massive that medical providers working with the Lazar Medical Consortium Group have all received a Red Label Notice to educate patients at every patient contact against the danger of taking too much vitamin D (>1000. I.U. per day).