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Impact behaviours and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods in Carbon Fiber Composites in Aerospace Industry: A Review
  • Samira Gholizadeh,
  • S Gholizadeh
Samira Gholizadeh

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
S Gholizadeh
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Blast Impact and Survivability Research Unit (BISRU), University of Cape Town


The optimization of crashworthiness in aerospace and automotive industries is one of the key research targets of the leading respective industries. In the past few decades; the use of composites in structural applications has been increasingly used in aerospace and advanced transportation industries because of their excellent mechanical properties and better strength-to-weight ratio than metal. In this paper composite materials constituent and their application in aerospace industry and their failure modes has been presented. The effects of the impact damage on the carbon fiber composites as the one of the most common materials in the aerospace industry has been investigated and evaluated by using non-destructive testing methods. This review considered the capabilities of the most common methods of NDT in composite materials. Damage modes interaction, types of velocity, and influence of various factors on impact behavior was investigated and must be considered to predict any failure in composite materials.