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Fusobacterium nucleatum bacteremia with liver abscess following administration of anti-COVID-19 vector-based vaccine
  • Jiun-Ting Wu,
  • Yung-Fa Lai,
  • Chien-Tung Chiu
Jiun-Ting Wu
E-DA cancer Hospital

Corresponding Author:jt600729@ms13.hinet.net

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Yung-Fa Lai
E-DA Hospital
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Chien-Tung Chiu
E-DA Hospital
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Immunization of the population through vaccination against COVID-19 is recognized as a public health priority. The most difficult scientific challenge for vaccines is the clinical safety and efficacy. We report a patient presenting with Fusobacterium nucleatum bacteremia and liver abscess formation following administration of anti-COVID-19 viral-vectored vaccine.