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Supporting Information for "Development of Self-folded Corrugated Structures Using Automatic Origami Technique by Inkjet Printing"
  • Yuki Fukatsu,
  • Hiroki Shigemune
Yuki Fukatsu

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hiroki Shigemune
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This Supporting Information includes:
Figure S1, S2, S3
Supplementary Videos
  • Video S1: Process of self-folding of the SCS with 4 creases.
  • Video S2: Process of self-folding of the SCS with 10 creases.        
  • Video S3: Demonstration of stacking SCS with 10 sheets of paper.
  • Video S4: Three-point bending test of the SCS.      
15 Dec 2021Submitted to AISY Supporting Information
14 Jan 2022Published in AISY Supporting Information