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The ill-posedness of (non-)periodic travelling wave solution for deformed continuous Heisenberg spin equation
  • Penghong Zhong,
  • Xingfa Chen,
  • Ye Chen
Penghong Zhong
Guangdong University of Education

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Xingfa Chen
Guangdong University of Education
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Ye Chen
Northern Arizona University
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Based on an equivalent derivative nonlinear Schr\”{o}inger equation, some periodic and non-periodic two-parameter solutions of the deformed continuous Heisenberg spin equation are obtained. These solutions are all proved to be ill-posed by the estimates of Fourier integral in ${H}^{s}_{\mathrm{S}^{2}}$ (periodic solution in ${H}^{s}_{\mathrm{S}^{2}}(\mathbb{T})$ and non-periodic solution in ${H}^{s}_{\mathrm{S}^{2}}(\mathbb{R})$ respectively). If $\alpha \neq 0$, the range of the weak ill-posedness index is $1