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The modified transmanubrial approach in thyroid malignant tumors: an optimal and less invasive surgical option.
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  • Paolo Nicola Girotti,
  • Judit Gassner,
  • Vebi Hodja,
  • Ingmar Königsrainer
Paolo Nicola Girotti
Feldkirch Hospital

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Judit Gassner
Feldkirch Hospital
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Vebi Hodja
Feldkirch Hospital
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Ingmar Königsrainer
Feldkirch Hospital
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- We retrospectively evaluated a large series of patients (n: 15) underwent a modified transmanubrial approach for wide mediastinal resection in case of malignance thyroid mass - In fourteen cases, also with thyroid tumor involving the middle line. A bilateral mTMA was necessary to perform a cava vein resection. - No major postoperative and cutaneous/sternum complications were detected. - mTMA allows an optimal exposure of the upper thoracic inlet achieving a complete radical oncological resection of the tumor/lymph-node and a safety vascular/tracheal control. - As a limitation, the modified mTMA is anatomically more demanding and not familiar for most surgeons in comparison to sternotomy
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20 Aug 2022Published in Clinical Otolaryngology. 10.1111/coa.13972