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Protecting Our Future: What Contribution Can I Make?
  • Bernward Gesang
Bernward Gesang
Faculty of Philosophy, University Mannheim

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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A)The crises related to climate and the economy endanger future and current generations, but altering the small impact or minimal emissions of an individual person is-because of the failure of political coordination-not the best way to overcome these crises.
B) When we act as individuals to act as stopgaps for policy to minimise the mountain of problems, the following applies: We should not waste our energies on limited involvements in small, primarily symbolic collaborations but should instead endeavour to make the biggest difference of which we are capable with regard to improving the world.
C) We make the biggest difference when our limited budget for improving the world is used against poverty, for example, and combatting poverty is precisely what brings positive side effects with regard to human rights and the protection of the climate, animals and species. For example, support for poor farmers in rain forests can save those rain forests. Every CO2 calculator demonstrates that commitment to the Third World is up to 50 times more efficient than personal emissions reductions.
23 Jun 2022Published in PLOS Sustainability and Transformation volume 1 issue 6 on pages e0000014. 10.1371/journal.pstr.0000014