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Effectiveness of UVC, Ozone and Negative Ions against Bacteria and Viruses
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  • Ruwan Bolongho,
  • Shan Dabarera,
  • Sameen Perera,
  • Anuradha Amarasinghe
Ruwan Bolongho

Corresponding Author:ruwanbolonno@gmail.com

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Shan Dabarera
Sameen Perera
Anuradha Amarasinghe


Since the beginning of time, viruses and bacteria have been a part of human life. Several types of sterilization systems were used to disinfect these viruses and bacteria all over the world. These methods were varied according to ethnics. With the advancement of technology, people used to find new disinfection methods. Ultraviolet, Ozone, Negative Ions were some of those methods that were used to disinfect bacteria and viruses. Most of the disinfector units, use one of the above-mentioned methods for disinfection. The aim is to carry out various experiments using ultraviolet light, ozone, and ionization under different environmental conditions to measure the efficiency of these disinfection methods