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A Survey On The Use of Blockchain For The Internet Of Things
  • Tanweer Alam
Tanweer Alam
Faculty of Computer and Information Systems, Islamic University of Madinah


In the age of the next-generation computer, the role of the cloud, the internet, and smart devices will become stronger. These days we all know the word smart well. This word is often used in our daily lives. The Internet of Things (IoT) will generate a variety of information from a variety of resources. It can store big data in the cloud. Fog computing acts as a signal between the cloud and IoT. Fog extensions in this framework apply to the material under IoT. IoT devices are called Fog nodes, which can be accessed anywhere within the network range. A blockchain is a novel way of recording in a secure sequence. Creating a new framework in the development of the Internet of Things is one of the critical problems of wireless communication. Solving such a problem can lead to continued growth in the use and popularity of IoT. Proposed research creates a framework for providing a framework for middleware on the internet of smart devices network for using blockchains technology. Our great offering connects new research that integrates blockchains into the Internet of Things and provides a secure Internet connection for smart devices. Blockchain (BC) Internet of Things (IoT) is a new technology that works with low-level, distributed, public, and real-time leaders to maintain transactions between IoT sites. A blockchain is a series of blocks. Each block is linked to its previous blocks. All blocks have cryptographic hash code, previous block hash, and its data. Transactions in BC are the basic components used to transfer data between IoT nodes. IoT nodes are a variety of portable but smart devices with embedded sensors, actuators, systems, and the ability to communicate with other IoT nodes. The role of BC in IoT is to provide a process for processing secure data records using IoT nodes. BC is a protected technology that can be used publicly and openly. IoT requires this type of technology to allow secure communication between IoT nodes in different environments. Events in BC can be tracked and monitored by anyone who is certified to communicate within IoT.