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Supporting Information for "Machine-learned Light-field Camera Reads Facial Expression from High Contrast and Illumination Invariant 3D Facial Images"
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  • Sang-In Bae,
  • Sangyeon Lee,
  • Jae-Myeong Kwon,
  • Hyun-Kyung Kim,
  • Kyungwon Jang,
  • Doheon Lee,
  • Ki-Hun Jeong
Sang-In Bae

Corresponding Author:si_bae@kaist.ac.kr

Author Profile
Sangyeon Lee
Jae-Myeong Kwon
Hyun-Kyung Kim
Kyungwon Jang
Doheon Lee
Ki-Hun Jeong
18 Oct 2021Submitted to AISY Supporting Information
19 Oct 2021Published in AISY Supporting Information