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Multifocal periapical cement dysplasia in Ehlers-Danlos Typ VIII combined with leukoencephalopathy in de novo-mutation of c.890G>A, G297D [pEDS]
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  • Manfred Nilius,
  • MInou Nilius,
  • Charlotte Mueller,
  • Guenter Lauer,
  • Berit Koch,
  • Marcus Kohlhaas
Manfred Nilius
TU Dresden

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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MInou Nilius
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Charlotte Mueller
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Guenter Lauer
TU Dresden
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Berit Koch
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Marcus Kohlhaas
Sankt-Johannes-Hospital Dortmund
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Periodontal Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type VIII (pEDS) is rare and caused by mutation in complement 1 subunit. Lack of attached gingiva, pretibial plaques, joint mobility, skin fragility, and easy bruising consolidate the diagnosis. We describe a case of de novo-mutation of pEDS with generalized periapical cemento dysplasia (PCD) and leukoencephalopathy.
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