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Viability of half-sandwich complex of heavier group-14 elements (Si-Pb) with neutral Be3 ring and its potential application as H2 storage material
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  • Amlan Kalita,
  • Priyanka Dutta,
  • Farnaz Yashmin,
  • Ritam Borah,
  • Rinu Deka,
  • Ankur Guha
Amlan Kalita
Cotton University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Priyanka Dutta
Cotton University
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Farnaz Yashmin
Cotton University
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Ritam Borah
Cotton University
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Rinu Deka
Cotton University
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Ankur Guha
Cotton University
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Quantum chemical calculations were carried out to establish the half-sandwich structural behaviour between heavier group-14 elements (Si-Pb) and neutral Be3 ring. The proposed complexes are found to be global minima on the potential energy surface. Quantum chemical investigation revealed that the complexes found possess high bond dissociation energy and also favorable thermodynamics of their formation. The complexes were also found to possess significant aromatic behaviour. In addition, the half-sandwich complexes were found to possess promising chemical properties to be useful for potential H2 storage material under reversible conditions.
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