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Relativistic One-Electron Atomic Energies and Properties
  • Gerardo Gonzalez,
  • Steven Alexander,
  • R.L. Coldwell
Gerardo Gonzalez
Southwestern University
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Steven Alexander
Southwestern University
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R.L. Coldwell
University of Florida
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We use variance minimization and Monte Carlo integration to calculate the relativistic one-electron atomic (Z=92) wavefunctions (both the 2-component and 4-component forms) for the 1S1/2, 2S1/2, 2P1/2, 2P3/2, 3S1/2, 3P1/2, 3P3/2, 3D3/2 and 3D5/2 states. With these wavefunctions we then evaluate the energy, a variety of simple properties and the decay rates for a number of E1, M1, E2 and M2 transitions. Our results are in excellent agreement with those in the literature.

Peer review status:IN REVISION

02 Sep 2021Submitted to International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
03 Sep 2021Assigned to Editor
03 Sep 2021Submission Checks Completed
06 Sep 2021Reviewer(s) Assigned
26 Sep 2021Review(s) Completed, Editorial Evaluation Pending
27 Sep 2021Editorial Decision: Revise Major