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Metastatic squamous carcinoma of cervix with tricuspid valve involvement
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  • Yong Lei,
  • Ling Tang,
  • Fang Yang,
  • Qiang Liu
Yong Lei

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Abstract Objective: To investigate the metastatic tumor with tricuspid valve involvement, and to improve the understanding of the disease and the level of diagnosis and treatment. Method: This article mainly reports a case of a metastatic squamous carcinoma of cervix(SCC) with tricuspid valve involvement patient treated with surgical treatment and followed up one year after surgery . Result: The prognosis of the case was good after surgery.But The short-term effect of the patient was not ideal.  Conclusion: Metastatic tumor of tricuspid valve is infrequent,which is difficult to diagnose and treat because of the lack of specific clinical manifestations.To achieve better therapeutic effect, the multi-mode treatment strategy should be considered.