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Ultra-Compact accurate wave functions for He-like and Li-like iso-electronic sequences and variational calculus. II. Spin-singlet (excited) and spin-triplet (lowest) states of Helium sequence
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  • Alexander Turbiner,
  • Juan Carlos Lopez Vieyra,
  • Juan Carlos del Valle,
  • Daniel Julian Nader
Alexander Turbiner

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Juan Carlos Lopez Vieyra
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Juan Carlos del Valle
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares
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Daniel Julian Nader
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
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As a continuation of Part I \cite{Part-1:2020} (Int. Journal of Quantum Chem. 2021; 121: qua.26586), dedicated to the ground state of He-like and Li-like isoelectronic sequences for nuclear charges \(Z\leq 20\), a few ultra-compact wave functions in the form of generalized Hylleraas-Kinoshita functions are constructed, which describe the domain of applicability of the Quantum Mechanics of Coulomb Charges (QMCC) for energies (4-5 significant digits (s.d.)) of two excited states of He-like ions: the spin-singlet (first) excited state \(2^{1}S\) and for lowest spin-triplet \(1^{3}S\) state. For both states it provides absolute accuracy for energy \(\sim 10^{-3}\) a.u., exact values for cusp parameters and also for 6 expectation values the relative accuracy \(\sim 10^{-2}\). Bressanini-Reynolds observation about the special form of nodal surface of \(2^{1}S\) state for Helium is confirmed and extended to ions with \(Z>2\). Critical charges \(Z=Z_{B}\), where ultra-compact trial functions loose their square-integrability, are estimated: \(Z_{B}(1^{1}S)\approx Z_{B}(2^{1}S)\sim 0.905\) and \(Z_{B}(1^{3}S)\sim 0.902\). For both states the Majorana formula - the energy as the second degree polynomial in \(Z\) - provides accurately the 4-5 significant digits for \(Z\leq 20\).

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