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Comparison Of Harmonic Scalpel, Coblation And Cold Dissection For Tonsillectomy In Adult
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  • Xinqi Hu,
  • Jiaying Li,
  • Xidong Cui,
  • Guangbin Sun
Xinqi Hu
Huashan Hospital Fudan University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jiaying Li
Huashan Hospital Fudan University
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Xidong Cui
Huashan Hospital Fudan University
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Guangbin Sun
Huashan Hospital Fudan University
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Objectives: To compare the safety and effectiveness of tonsillectomy with three different techniques. Design: A double-blinded randomized prospective clinical trial Setting and Participants: Totally120 patients with recurrent tonsillitis between April 2018 and April 2020 were included. Main Outcome Measures: Operative time, intra and post operative bleeding loss, pseudomembrane growth time, pseudomembrane shedding time, postoperative pain, and necrosis depth of specimens were compared of harmonic scalpel(HS), coblation and cold dissection(CD) tonsillectomy. Results: The operative time and intraoperative bleeding loss was significantly less in HS and coblation group than CD group(p < 0.05). Pseudomembrane growth time and pseudomembrane shedding time were significantly longer in the HS group compared with the other groups(p < 0.05). The postoperative pain levels were significantly higher on the first postoperative day in CD group(p < 0.05), and significantly lower on the third and seventh postoperative day in coblation group(p < 0.05). There was no significant difference among three techniques in terms of postoperative bleeding loss(p > 0.05). The deepest necrosis depth in specimen was found in HS group(p > 0.05), while in CD group, only edema was observed without necrosis. Conclusion: To compared with HS and CD, coblation is a faster, safer and more painless technique for tonsillectomy in adult.
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