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AI, Big Data powered method of life expectancy prediction, severe diseases early stages detection, prevention
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  • Oleg Teterin,
  • Dushkin R V ,
  • Lelekova V A,
  • Maksimov V S
Oleg Teterin
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Dushkin R V
Lelekova V A
Maksimov V S


Aging is a part of human life, often accompanied by serious illnesses. Nowadays, people sometimes do not live up to the biological aging of the body at all due to late-timed diagnosis of diseases. Unfortunately, the methods of early detection of diseases associated with aging do not yet have the technical equipment that would allow them to be fully implemented. This article provides an overview of methods for defining and analyzing the aging of the body. This is a review article of a novel hardware and software complex for health monitoring developed by a scientific group, which analyzes human bio parameters using artificial intelligence algorithms. The relevance of the proposed system is undeniable due to the used algorithms of artificial intelligence, with the help of which it is possible to quickly and accurately analyze a large amount of data related to human aging. The article will be of interest to developers of artificial intelligence, biostatisticians and scientists working on the definition of aging in the human body.