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Continuing Professional Development: Understanding the Perceptions of Higher Institution Lecturers in Anambra State, Nigeria
  • Okafor Miracle Uzochukwu,
  • Patrick Ogechukwu Blessing
Okafor Miracle Uzochukwu

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Patrick Ogechukwu Blessing


This paper, which drew on quantitative and qualitative data, was mainly aimed at examining the perceptions of higher institution lecturers in Nigeria concerning the effectiveness, facilitators, and inhibitors of CPD activities provided by their higher institutions and/or the Ministry of Education. The researchers employed and adapted the data collection instrument by Sywelem & Witte (2013) designed to collect data on perceptions of teachers regarding professional development opportunities and activities that exist in Saudi schools. The interview questions were designed by the researchers to access lecturers' evaluation of the professional development programs and activities in their institutions. Research survey was sent to lecturers in 3 representative higher institution in Anambra state, 213 survey responses and 15 interviews were received and analyzed. Results showed that the participants did recognize the importance and usefulness of CPD activities and expressed how CPD activities has impacted them as professionals. Lecturers expressed their expectations with regards to program content, time management, financial and moral sponsorship and support, etc. It was recommended that for lecturers to be effective at their jobs in the higher institution system, their professional development and in-service training programs must be given good attention by the management.